You say cho-REE-so, I say cho-REE-tho

Tip: The Differences Between Spanish & Mexican Chorizos

If you have a paella recipe that you’re just dying to try out, and it calls for chorizo, don’t make the mistake of buying the chorizo that’s commonly found in most California grocery stores. These sausages are not the same thing. While both are very tasty meats similarities stop with the spelling. They’re even pronouced differently. Mexicans pronounce their z like an English letter ‘s’. Spaniards pronounce it like a soft ‘th’ , as in bath.Mexican Chorizo

Mexican chorizo is quite spicy and generally made of pork, but can also contain beef, goat or havalina. It’s cooked outside the casing and has a very similar consistency to ground beef. I like to get it at my favorite Mexican grocery stores although it’s available in the meat section of most super markets. You can also make it yourself. It’s delicious cooked into beans or eggs.

Spanish ChorizoSpanish chorizo is similar to linguica. This salt-cured sausage made of pork, is seasoned with paprika, garlic and other spices. It can be eaten as is or cooked into paellas and many other Spanish recipes. Spanish chorizo comes in a variety of styles and levels of spiciness. I usually buy several packages and keep it in my freezer. It will keep in the freezer almost indefinitely

There are als other varieties of chorizos that come from Argentina, Uruguay and the Phillipines (longaniza), each quite distinct from eachother.

Keep watching this blog and I’ll be sure to post recipes containing both.

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2 responses to “You say cho-REE-so, I say cho-REE-tho

  1. That recipe for homemade chorizo looks great. The supermarket stuff I picked up for my roommate the other week has salivary glands in it. Does Spanish chorizo not? ;p
    [not to be squeamish or anything…]
    Whereas I’ve read that linguica is usually pork shoulder. Mmm. ;P

  2. Pigtailed says : I absolutely agree with this !

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