DIY Panini

Waffle IronI love panini sandwiches. The grilled and pressed bread ads so much flavor to whatever you’ve got in the middle. Cooking shows and appliance salesmen would have you think that in order to enjoy panini at home, you need to have a special panini press or a George Foreman Grill.

I just use my waffle iron. Sure, the shape pressed into the bread is a little different (squares rather than parallel lines) but the waffle iron works the same as a panini press. It toasts the bread and ads weight to press the sandwich together, just like a traditional panini press.

Simply build your favorite sandwich and then butter the outside of the bread. Place it in the hot waffle iron for a couple of minutes -the bread should be toasty and the cheese inside a little melty. Viola!

Today, we enjoyed pastrami sandwiches with pepper jack cheese, red leaf lettuce, and stone ground mustard, that I pressed in the waffle iron. They were so delicious, we ate them before I thought to snap a picture. Here are some other places to find panini recipes:


One response to “DIY Panini

  1. Awesome. Sounds great! I often place one slice of bread, with cheese on it, in the toaster oven to get toasty cheese on sandwiches!

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