Bacon Man

By Amy Abascal and Steven Gonzales

Bacon Man with Steve and I. Photo by Kty242Last October, Steve and I got a crazy idea and began building something in our kitchen. It took eight pounds of bacon, eighty bamboo skewers, sixty glue sticks and around 16 hours of elbow grease. Around 4pm, one Saturday afternoon, Bacon Man was born.

Bacon Man made his debut at Otto Von Dangers’ Baconfest at Headless Point in San Francisco, CA. He lived and died there. At the end of the night, Bacon Man suffered the fate of any good effigy and was burned to the delight of the party goers.

At the time, we knew our creation would be the toast of the party, but we didn’t know that photos would fly around the internet like a wildfire through Malibu. It certainly never took on Chocolate Rain or Lolcats proportions, but my flickr stats did light up for a few days.
Bacon Man Headshot
To my delight, Bacon Man was the subject of articles Bacon Today, Food Prof, and even starred in a Bacon Meme Roundup Video. Bacon Man even had the dubious honor of appearing on 4chan, without attribution, of course. Though this did increase his exposure, we’ve had to politely ask a few people to properly attribute the images.

You can find my original photos of Bacon Man on my flickr page. Additional photos by my friend Cat, are available on her Picassa Web page.

If you use photos of Bacon Man, we are flattered, but please give proper attribution!

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