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Soup Stock from Would-be Compost

Before you go tossing out your kitchen scraps, why not get some use out of them by making soup stock? It’s SO easy and is a great way to put kitchen scraps to use before you compost them.  Use onion skins, orange peels, meat bones, cartilage, fibrous bits, seeds, stems and even not-so-fresh fruits and veggies as long as they aren’t rotten or moldy. Soft or brown spots? No problem!

You need one large stock pot, water, salt and whatever scraps you have lying around. Place it on the back burner and add a very generous amount of salt. Cover and simmer on med or low. Cooking a big feast? Keep it on the stove all day if you want.

When you’re sure you have nothing left to add, and everything in the pot is soft and lost most of it’s color, pour the mixture through a kitchen strainer and into a bowl. Allow it to cool thoroughly. Then divide it into smaller containers and freeze for as long as you like. Next time you have a recipe that calls for stock, you’ve got your own home made batch.